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overview I have fifteen years of experience in conducting treatment trials in frail elderly. I have focused on alternate modalities to promote exercise in elderly. To overcome various barriers for exercise, I conducted a series of studies investigating the feasibility and efficacy of Nintendo Wii-Fit on gait, and balance in various settings funded by the Alzheimer’s Association and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Later I focused on exercise adherence and ways to improve the same. My current study funded by the RR&D Merit grant is studying the efficacy and lasting effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on executive function, exercise performance, self-efficacy and adherence to an adequately dosed, targeted Wii-Fit. The goal of the project is to improve various components of balance in sedentary older Veterans using engaging exercise programs in their home setting. Clinically, I evaluate patients in the multidisciplinary memory clinic at the VA. I also lead the comprehensive physical activity promotion clinic, The Geriatric Walking Clinic that I started in 2013. Over 800 Veterans and caregivers have participated in the program and the clinic provides us a naturalistic experiment to study the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on exercise adherence and executive function in older Veterans. Anecdotally, I see the impact of these restrictions on my clinic patients on a daily basis. I also see the struggles of older Veterans in transitioning to telehealth.

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Academic Article Nutrient intake, peripheral edema, and weight change in elderly recuperative care patients.
Concept Hospitals, Veterans
Concept Veterans
Academic Article Televideo clock drawing test to reach rural Veterans: feasibility in community-based outpatient clinics in the department of Veterans Affairs.
Academic Article Efficacy of Wii-Fit on Static and Dynamic Balance in Community Dwelling Older Veterans: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial.
Academic Article Methylphenidate for Apathy in Community-Dwelling Older Veterans With Mild Alzheimer's Disease: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Addressing Possible Effects of Sleep Apnea in a Study of Methylphenidate for Apathy in Alzheimer's Disease: Response to Kolla and Mansukhani.
Academic Article Development and implementation of geriatric walking clinic: a home based individualized Veteran centric program
Academic Article Tutorial for using SliceOmatic to calculate thigh area and composition from computed tomography images from older adults.
Academic Article An Individualized Low-Intensity Walking Clinic Leads to Improvement in Frailty Characteristics in Older Veterans.
Academic Article VA Video Connect for Clinical Care in Older Adults in a Rural State During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article A geriatrics walking clinic improves hemoglobin A1c and timed gait in older veterans with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Open Burn Pit Exposure and Concern About the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Grant Neuromodulation for Exercise Adherence in Older Veterans
Grant COVID Impact on Physical Activity in Older Veterans
Grant Wii-Fit for balance and gait in elderly Veterans
Academic Article Untangling the Complex Interactions of Open Burn Pit Exposure and Health Outcomes: Response to Brumage et al.
Academic Article Celebrating the Greatest Generation during the pandemic.
Academic Article Veterans Affairs Health Care Provider Perceptions of Virtual Reality: Brief Exploratory Survey.
Academic Article Lithium Treatment in the Prevention of Repeat Suicide-Related Outcomes in Veterans With Major Depression or Bipolar Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Grant DNA Methylation Markers Associated with Exposure and Adverse Health Outcomes in Veterans Exposed to Airborne Hazards from Open Burn Pits
Academic Article The influence of social determinants of health on post-discharge mortality of veterans who received care in a transitional care unit.

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