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Academic Article Far-field photothermal microscopy beyond the diffraction limit.
Academic Article Photothermal nanotherapeutics and nanodiagnostics for selective killing of bacteria targeted with gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article In vivo integrated flow image cytometry and lymph/blood vessels dynamic microscopy.
Academic Article Spectral evaluation of laser-induced cell damage with photothermal microscopy.
Academic Article Photothermal flow cytometry in vitro for detection and imaging of individual moving cells.
Academic Article In vivo high-speed imaging of individual cells in fast blood flow.
Academic Article Photothermal detection of nicotine-induced apoptotic effects in pancreatic cancer cells.
Academic Article Monitoring of nicotine impact in microlymphatics of rat mesentery with time-resolved microscopy.
Academic Article Super-resolution nonlinear photothermal microscopy.
Academic Article Flow cytometry with gold nanoparticles and their clusters as scattering contrast agents: FDTD simulation of light-cell interaction.
Academic Article Advances in small animal mesentery models for in vivo flow cytometry, dynamic microscopy, and drug screening.
Academic Article In vivo photoacoustic flow cytometry for monitoring of circulating single cancer cells and contrast agents.
Academic Article In vivo multispectral, multiparameter, photoacoustic lymph flow cytometry with natural cell focusing, label-free detection and multicolor nanoparticle probes.
Academic Article Photothermal time-resolved imaging of living cells.
Academic Article Ultrasensitive label-free photothermal imaging, spectral identification, and quantification of cytochrome c in mitochondria, live cells, and solutions.
Academic Article Synergistic enhancement of cancer therapy using a combination of carbon nanotubes and anti-tumor drug.
Academic Article Nanocluster model of photothermal assay: application for high-sensitive monitoring of nicotine-induced changes in metabolism, apoptosis, and necrosis at a cellular level.
Academic Article Photothermal confocal spectromicroscopy of multiple cellular chromophores and fluorophores.
Academic Article Combination of viral biology and nanotechnology: new applications in nanomedicine.
Academic Article Photothermal antimicrobial nanotherapy and nanodiagnostics with self-assembling carbon nanotube clusters.
Academic Article Photothermal images of live cells in presence of drug.
Academic Article Integrated photothermal flow cytometry in vivo.
Concept Microscopy, Acoustic
Concept Microscopy, Fluorescence
Concept Microscopy, Electron
Concept Microscopy, Phase-Contrast
Concept Microscopy
Concept Microscopy, Confocal
Concept Microscopy, Electron, Transmission
Concept Microscopy, Video
Academic Article Experimental evaluation on the transmission optical microscopy for the diagnosis of lymphedema.
Academic Article Photothermal microscopy study of photodynamic inactivation of bacteria in the presence of living blood cells
Academic Article Photothermal microscopy of nanoobjects
Academic Article Photothermal confocal multicolor microscopy of nanoparticles and nanodrugs in live cells.
Academic Article Spaser as a biological probe.
Academic Article Photoswitchable non-fluorescent thermochromic dye-nanoparticle hybrid probes.
Academic Article High-speed microscopy for in vivo monitoring of lymph dynamics.
Academic Article Quantification of cellular associated graphene and induced surface receptor responses.
Grant Integrated Photothermal Nanoprobes
Grant Photothermal Imaging of Live Cells
Grant Integrated optical imaging rat of mesentery
Grant Interaction of gold nanoparticles with lymphatic vessels
Academic Article Tracking Gold Nanorods' Interaction with Large 3D Pancreatic-Stromal Tumor Spheroids by Multimodal Imaging: Fluorescence, Photoacoustic, and Photothermal Microscopies.

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