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Academic Article Impact of prenatal and/or postnatal growth problems in low birth weight preterm infants on school-age outcomes: an 8-year longitudinal evaluation.
Academic Article Substance abuse treatment for mothers: treatment outcomes and the impact of length of stay.
Academic Article Triple risk: do difficult temperament and family conflict increase the likelihood of behavioral maladjustment in children born low birth weight and preterm?
Academic Article Evolution of obesity in a low birth weight cohort.
Academic Article Effect of early intervention on 8-year growth status of low-birth-weight preterm infants.
Academic Article The development and evaluation of an alcohol and drug prevention and treatment program for women and children. The AR-CARES program.
Academic Article Does the quality of stimulation and support in the home environment moderate the effect of early education programs?
Academic Article A comprehensive substance abuse treatment program for women and their children: an initial evaluation.
Concept Infant, Newborn, Diseases
Concept Infant, Newborn
Academic Article Impact of intraventricular hemorrhage on cognitive and behavioral outcomes at 18 years of age in low birth weight preterm infants.
Academic Article Grandmothers' Beliefs and Practices in Infant Safe Sleep.
Academic Article Developmental Outcomes of Preterm Infants With Neonatal Hypoglycemia.
Academic Article Assessment of Safe Sleep: Validation of the Parent Newborn Sleep Safety Survey.
Academic Article Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize: Focusing on Parenting Supports Depressed Parents' Involvement in Home Visiting Services.

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