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Academic Article Olfactory bulb glomeruli: external tufted cells intrinsically burst at theta frequency and are entrained by patterned olfactory input.
Academic Article External tufted cells: a major excitatory element that coordinates glomerular activity.
Academic Article Olfactory bulb external tufted cells are synchronized by multiple intraglomerular mechanisms.
Academic Article Cholinergic modulation of GABAergic and glutamatergic transmission in the dorsal subcoeruleus: mechanisms for REM sleep control.
Academic Article Endogenous GABA and glutamate finely tune the bursting of olfactory bulb external tufted cells.
Academic Article An improved method for patch clamp recording and calcium imaging of neurons in the intact dorsal root ganglion in rats.
Academic Article Electrical coupling: novel mechanism for sleep-wake control.
Academic Article Activation of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors on main olfactory bulb granule cells and periglomerular cells enhances synaptic inhibition of mitral cells.
Academic Article Cholinergic modulation of fast inhibitory and excitatory transmission to pedunculopontine thalamic projecting neurons.
Academic Article Oocyte triplet pairing for electrophysiological investigation of gap junctional coupling.
Academic Article Responses of developing pedunculopontine neurons to glutamate receptor agonists.
Academic Article The fine temporal structure of the rat licking pattern: what causes the variabiliy in the interlick intervals and how is it affected by the drinking solution?
Academic Article Olfactory nerve-evoked, metabotropic glutamate receptor-mediated synaptic responses in rat olfactory bulb mitral cells.
Academic Article Group I mGluR activation enhances Ca(2+)-dependent nonselective cation currents and rhythmic bursting in main olfactory bulb external tufted cells.
Academic Article Olivary climbing fiber alterations in PN40 rat cerebellum following postnatal ethanol exposure.
Academic Article Noradrenergic regulation of GABAergic inhibition of main olfactory bulb mitral cells varies as a function of concentration and receptor subtype.
Academic Article Developmental changes in glutamatergic fast synaptic neurotransmission in the dorsal subcoeruleus nucleus.
Academic Article Cholinergic responses and intrinsic membrane properties of developing thalamic parafascicular neurons.
Academic Article Evidence for Electrical Coupling in the SubCoeruleus (SubC) Nucleus.
Academic Article Activation of postsynaptic GABAB receptors modulates the bursting pattern and synaptic activity of olfactory bulb juxtaglomerular neurons.
Concept Rats, Sprague-Dawley
Academic Article Electrophysiological and Immunohistochemical Evidence for an Increase in GABAergic Inputs and HCN Channels in Purkinje Cells that Survive Developmental Ethanol Exposure.

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