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Academic Article Cadherin-5 expression inn ECV304 cells promotes barrier formation
Academic Article Human osteoblasts express a repertoire of cadherins, which are critical for BMP-2-induced osteogenic differentiation
Academic Article Human Osteoblasts express a changing repertoire of cadherins during differentiation
Academic Article Characterization of cadherin-4 and cadherin-5 reveals new features of cadherins
Academic Article Cadherin expression in the normal and diabetic retinal vasculature. (Invited speaker to the Joint European Research Meetings in Ophthalmology and Vision, La Palma Spain)
Academic Article Cloning, expression, and chromosomal localization of a novel cadherin-related protein, protocadherin-3
Academic Article Protocadherin PCDH2 shows properties similar to, but distinct from, those of classical cadherins
Academic Article Developmental expression of integrins and cadherins by human bone marrow stromal osteoprogenitor cells and osteoblasts
Academic Article Expression of N-cadherin and cadherins 5 and 11 in retinal microvessel endothelium
Academic Article A strategy to determine if endothelial specific cadherin-5 is necessary for endothelial barrier formation
Academic Article Expression of cadherin-5 in ECV304 endothleial cells increases barrier function
Academic Article VE-cadherinb, a Type II cadherin, but not Cadherin-4, a Type I cadherin, confers a functional barrier when expressed in ECV304 cells
Academic Article Reduced expression of the adherens junction protein cadherin-5 in a diabetic retina
Academic Article Protocadherins: A large family of cadherin-related molecules in central nervous system
Academic Article Changing pattern of cadherin expression and communication during osteoblast differentiation
Academic Article Differential regulation of cadherins by dexamethasone in human osteoblastic cells
Academic Article Interaction of the adaptor protein shc with the adhesion molecule cadherin
Academic Article In vitro interaction of adaptor protein shc with cell adhesion molecule cadherin

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