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Academic Article Developmental plasticity in respiratory control.
Academic Article Differential changes in dopamine D2- and D1-receptor mRNA levels induced by hypoxia in the arterial chemoreflex pathway organs in one-day-old and adult rabbits.
Academic Article Postnatal development of E-4031-sensitive potassium current in rat carotid chemoreceptor cells.
Academic Article Modulation of gene expression in subfamilies of TASK K+ channels by chronic hyperoxia exposure in rat carotid body.
Academic Article Postnatal development of carotid body glomus cell O2 sensitivity.
Academic Article Perinatal hyperoxia for 14 days increases nerve conduction time and the acute unitary response to hypoxia of rat carotid body chemoreceptors.
Academic Article Postnatal changes in gene expression of subfamilies of TASK K+ channels in rat carotid body.
Academic Article Changes in oxygen sensitivity of TASK in carotid body glomus cells during early postnatal development.
Academic Article Non-additive interactions between mitochondrial complex IV blockers and hypoxia in rat carotid body responses.
Academic Article NIH consensus development conference: Inhaled nitric oxide therapy for premature infants.
Academic Article Recovery of carotid body O2 sensitivity following chronic postnatal hyperoxia in rats.
Academic Article Time course of alterations in pre- and post-synaptic chemoreceptor function during developmental hyperoxia.
Academic Article Dopamine D2 receptor modulation of carotid body type 1 cell intracellular calcium in developing rats.
Academic Article Characterization of an ATP-sensitive K(+) channel in rat carotid body glomus cells.
Academic Article Perinatal hyperoxia exposure impairs hypoxia-induced depolarization in rat carotid body glomus cells.
Concept Animals, Newborn
Concept Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Newborn
Concept Infant, Newborn
Academic Article NIH Consensus Development Conference statement: inhaled nitric-oxide therapy for premature infants.
Academic Article Decline in peripheral chemoreceptor excitatroy stimulation during acute hypoxia in the newborn lamb
Academic Article The Newborn Lung
Academic Article Hydrogen sulfide and hypoxia-induced changes in TASK (K2P3/9) activity and intracellular Ca(2+) concentration in rat carotid body glomus cells.
Academic Article Neonatal nonepileptic myoclonus is a prominent clinical feature of KCNQ2 gain-of-function variants R201C and R201H.
Academic Article Cardioventilatory Control in Preterm-born Children and the Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Academic Article Assessing ventilatory instability using the response to spontaneous sighs during sleep in preterm infants.
Grant Postnatal Resetting of Carotid Chemoreceptor Sensitivity
Academic Article Pre-Vent: the prematurity-related ventilatory control study.
Academic Article Postmenstrual age at discharge in premature infants with and without ventilatory pattern instability.

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