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Academic Article Effects of breast milk and milk formula diets on synthesized speech sound-induced event-related potentials in 3- and 6-month-old infants.
Academic Article No difference indicated in electroencephalographic power spectral analysis in 3- and 6-month-old infants fed soy- or milk-based formula.
Academic Article A longitudinal study of differences in electroencephalographic activity among breastfed, milk formula-fed, and soy formula-fed infants during the first year of life.
Academic Article Formula feeding alters hepatic gene expression signature, iron and cholesterol homeostasis in the neonatal pig.
Academic Article The health implications of soy infant formula.
Academic Article Infant formula promotes bone growth in neonatal piglets by enhancing osteoblastogenesis through bone morphogenic protein signaling.
Academic Article Early infant diet and the omega 3 fatty acid DHA: effects on resting cardiovascular activity and behavioral development during the first half-year of life.
Academic Article Ultrasonographic patterns of reproductive organs in infants fed soy formula: comparisons to infants fed breast milk and milk formula.
Academic Article Diet and gender influences on processing and discrimination of speech sounds in 3- and 6-month-old infants: a developmental ERP study.
Academic Article Developmental status of 1-year-old infants fed breast milk, cow's milk formula, or soy formula.
Academic Article Body fat and bone mineral content of infants fed breast milk, cow's milk formula, or soy formula during the first year of life.
Academic Article Infant diet, gender and the normative development of vagal tone and heart period during the first two years of life.
Academic Article Effects of diet on early stage cortical perception and discrimination of syllables differing in voice-onset time: a longitudinal ERP study in 3 and 6 month old infants.
Academic Article The influence of infant diet on early developmental changes in processing human voice speech stimuli: ERP variations in breast and milk formula-fed infants at 3 and 6 months after birth.
Academic Article Lactation and neonatal nutrition: defining and refining the critical questions.
Academic Article Quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance to measure fat mass in infants and children.
Academic Article Body fat mass of exclusively breastfed infants born to overweight mothers.
Academic Article Cortical responses to speech sounds in 3- and 6-month-old infants fed breast milk, milk formula, or soy formula.
Academic Article Effects of soy infant formula on growth and development in the first year of life.
Academic Article The health consequences of early soy consumption.
Concept Infant
Concept Infant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Concept Infant, Newborn
Concept Infant Food
Concept Infant Behavior
Concept Infant Formula
Academic Article Maternal but not paternal fat mass is positively associated with infant fat mass at age 2 weeks
Academic Article Infant diet sets the tone for parasympathetic regulation of resting heart rate: development of vagal tone from 3 months to 2 years
Academic Article Early infant diet is not a predictor of body mass index and macronutrient intake at 2 years
Academic Article Trace element status and zinc homeostasis differ in breast and formula-fed piglets.
Academic Article Sex-specific association between infant diet and white matter integrity in 8-y-old children.
Academic Article Compared with feeding infants breast milk or cow-milk formula, soy formula feeding does not affect subsequent reproductive organ size at 5 years of age.
Academic Article Longitudinal body composition of children born to mothers with normal weight, overweight, and obesity.
Academic Article Infant diet, gender and the development of vagal tone stability during the first two years of life.
Academic Article Maternal adiposity negatively influences infant brain white matter development.
Academic Article Formula diet alters small intestine morphology, microbial abundance and reduces VE-cadherin and IL-10 expression in neonatal porcine model.
Academic Article Infant Diet-Related Changes in Syllable Processing Between 4 and 5 Months: Implications for Developing Native Language Sensitivity.
Academic Article Formula diet driven microbiota shifts tryptophan metabolism from serotonin to tryptamine in neonatal porcine colon?.
Academic Article Maternal obesity and gestational weight gain are modestly associated with umbilical cord DNA methylation.
Academic Article Concentrations of Purine Metabolites Are Elevated in Fluids from Adults and Infants and in Livers from Mice Fed Diets Depleted of Bovine Milk Exosomes and their RNA Cargos.
Academic Article Resting gamma power during the postnatal critical period for GABAergic system development is modulated by infant diet and sex.
Academic Article Diffusion Tensor MRI of White Matter of Healthy Full-term Newborns: Relationship to Neurodevelopmental Outcomes.
Academic Article Parental adiposity differentially associates with newborn body composition.
Academic Article Neonatal diet alters fecal microbiota and metabolome profiles at different ages in infants fed breast milk or formula.
Academic Article Developmental assessments during the first 5 years of life in infants fed breast milk, cow's milk formula, or soy formula.
Academic Article Early infant feeding effect on growth and body composition during the first 6 years and neurodevelopment at age 72 months.
Academic Article Early Infant Formula Feeding Impacts Urinary Metabolite Profile at 3 Months of Age.
Academic Article Soy Formula Is Not Estrogenic and Does Not Result in Reproductive Toxicity in Male Piglets: Results from a Controlled Feeding Study.
Academic Article Associations between mother's depressive symptoms during pregnancy and newborn's brain functional connectivity.
Academic Article A longitudinal observational study of skeletal development between ages 3 mo and 6 y in children fed human milk, milk formula, or soy formula.

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