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Academic Article Egg oral immunotherapy in nonanaphylactic children with egg allergy.
Academic Article Peanut oral immunotherapy modifies IgE and IgG4 responses to major peanut allergens.
Academic Article Adverse reactions during peanut oral immunotherapy home dosing.
Academic Article Mechanisms of immune tolerance relevant to food allergy.
Academic Article Evidence of pathway-specific basophil anergy induced by peanut oral immunotherapy in peanut-allergic children.
Academic Article Clinical efficacy and immune regulation with peanut oral immunotherapy.
Academic Article Oral immunotherapy for treatment of egg allergy in children.
Academic Article Pediatric food allergy and mucosal tolerance.
Academic Article Safety of a peanut oral immunotherapy protocol in children with peanut allergy.
Academic Article Sublingual versus oral immunotherapy for peanut-allergic children: a retrospective comparison.
Academic Article A randomized controlled study of peanut oral immunotherapy: clinical desensitization and modulation of the allergic response.
Academic Article Oral immunotherapy for food allergy.
Concept Administration, Oral
Academic Article Successful clarithromycin desensitization in a macrolide-sensitive pediatric patient.
Academic Article Sustained unresponsiveness to peanut in subjects who have completed peanut oral immunotherapy.
Academic Article Correlations between basophil activation, allergen-specific IgE with outcome and severity of oral food challenges.
Academic Article Oral and Sublingual Immunotherapy for Treatment of IgE-Mediated Food Allergy.
Academic Article A 5-year summary of real-life dietary egg consumption after completion of a 4-year egg powder oral immunotherapy (eOIT) protocol.
Academic Article Induction of sustained unresponsiveness after egg oral immunotherapy compared to baked egg therapy in children with egg allergy.
Academic Article Onset of eosinophilic esophagitis during a clinical trial program of oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy.
Academic Article Allergen-specific T cells and clinical features of food allergy: Lessons from CoFAR immunotherapy cohorts.
Academic Article Efficacy and safety of oral immunotherapy in children aged 1-3 years with peanut allergy (the Immune Tolerance Network IMPACT trial): a randomised placebo-controlled study.
Academic Article Safety of Epicutaneous Immunotherapy in Peanut-Allergic Children: REALISE Randomized Clinical Trial Results.
Academic Article Participant characteristics and safety outcomes of peanut oral immunotherapy in the RAMSES and ARC011 trials.

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