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Concept Antineoplastic Agents
Academic Article Anti-angiogenesis therapy can overcome endothelial cell anergy and promote leukocyte-endothelium interactions and infiltration in tumors.
Academic Article Angiogenesis gene expression profiling in xenograft models to study cellular interactions.
Academic Article Anti-tumor activity of the novel angiogenesis inhibitor anginex.
Academic Article Antitumor agent calixarene 0118 targets human galectin-1 as an allosteric inhibitor of carbohydrate binding.
Academic Article Design of a partial peptide mimetic of anginex with antiangiogenic and anticancer activity.
Academic Article Carboplatin selectively induces the VEGF stress response in endothelial cells: Potentiation of antitumor activity by combination treatment with antibody to VEGF.
Academic Article Metformin kills and radiosensitizes cancer cells and preferentially kills cancer stem cells.
Academic Article Dietary lariciresinol attenuates mammary tumor growth and reduces blood vessel density in human MCF-7 breast cancer xenografts and carcinogen-induced mammary tumors in rats.
Academic Article Inhibiting tumor growth by targeting tumor vasculature with galectin-1 antagonist anginex conjugated to the cytotoxic acylfulvene, 6-hydroxylpropylacylfulvene.
Academic Article Anti-angiogenesis and anti-tumor activity of recombinant anginex.
Academic Article Polycationic calixarene PTX013, a potent cytotoxic agent against tumors and drug resistant cancer.

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