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Concept Behcet Syndrome
Concept Williams Syndrome
Concept Andersen Syndrome
Concept Noonan Syndrome
Concept Immunologic Deficiency Syndromes
Concept Nephrotic Syndrome
Concept Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome
Concept Neurocutaneous Syndromes
Concept Syndrome
Concept Sneddon Syndrome
Concept Neurotoxicity Syndromes
Concept Angelman Syndrome
Concept Nocturnal Myoclonus Syndrome
Academic Article Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome: another health hazard of energy drinks?
Academic Article Absence status after starting clobazam in a patient with syndrome of continuous spike and wave during slow sleep (CSWS).
Academic Article Transient Kluver-Bucy syndrome from methamphetamine withdrawal.
Academic Article Novel brain magnetic resonance imaging finding in a patient with trisomy 9p syndrome.
Academic Article Myoclonic epilepsy evolved into West syndrome: a patient with a novel de novo KCNQ2 mutation.
Academic Article Electroencephalographic findings in KBG syndrome: a child with novel mutation in ANKRD11 gene.
Academic Article Rapid improvement of the confusional state and electroencephalography after spinal tap in a patient with headache and neurologic deficits with cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytosis (HaNDL) syndrome.
Academic Article De novo R853Q mutation of SCN2A gene and West syndrome.
Academic Article Severe developmental delay and complete agenesis of corpus callosum in a Noonan syndrome patient with SOS1 mutation.
Academic Article Sinus pericranii and myoclonic epilepsy: novel features of 3q29 microdeletion syndrome.
Academic Article Infantile spasms in Williams-Beuren syndrome with typical deletions of the 7q11.23 critical region and a review of the literature.
Academic Article An infant with ash-leaf and café au lait spots: a case of double phakomatosis.
Academic Article Diffuse Carotid Arteriosclerosis and Stroke in a Patient With Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia.
Academic Article A Not Uncommon Cause of Stroke Mimicker in Children.
Academic Article KIAA2022-related disorders can cause Jeavons (eyelid myoclonia with absence) syndrome.
Academic Article Asymmetric photic driving response: importance of reviewing the video.
Academic Article PEHO syndrome: KIF1A mutation and decreased activity of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex.
Academic Article An Unusual Cause of Recurrent Facial Nerve Palsy.
Academic Article Headaches in Loyes-Dietz Syndrome.
Academic Article A Girl with Palpitations and Periodic Weakness.
Academic Article Recurrent Encephalopathy with Spinal Cord Involvement: An Atypical Manifestation of Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome.
Academic Article The neurological aspects related to POGZ mutation: case report and review of CNS malformations and epilepsy.
Academic Article Multiple Autoimmune Disorders in Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome.
Academic Article Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Efficacy and Safety in Epilepsy.
Academic Article Recurrent Oral Ulcers in a Child With Seizures.
Academic Article Sneddon Syndrome: A Comprehensive Overview.
Academic Article Mosaic chromosome 5p tetrasomy: eye closure-induced seizures in a rare neurocutaneous syndrome.
Academic Article Renal amyloidosis secondary to childhood tuberculosis: a report of two cases.
Academic Article Trichuris dysentery syndrome with eosinophilic leukemoid reaction mimicking inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2020 Jan-. 2019 Dec 31
Academic Article Changing Landscape of Dravet Syndrome Management: An Overview.
Academic Article PCDH19-Related Epilepsy Syndrome: A Comprehensive Clinical Review.
Academic Article Epilepsy and Electroencephalographic Abnormalities in SATB2-Associated Syndrome.
Academic Article Epilepsy in Angelman syndrome: A scoping review.
Academic Article Management of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome beyond childhood: A comprehensive review.
Academic Article Freiberg's Infarction as the First Clinical Presentation of Sneddon Syndrome.
Academic Article DEPDC5-related epilepsy: A comprehensive review.
Academic Article Pharmacotherapeutic management of seizures in patients with Angleman Syndrome.

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