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Concept Infant, Newborn, Diseases
Concept Infant
Concept Infant, Newborn
Academic Article Myoclonic epilepsy evolved into West syndrome: a patient with a novel de novo KCNQ2 mutation.
Academic Article De novo R853Q mutation of SCN2A gene and West syndrome.
Academic Article Epilepsy with PCDH19 mutation masquerading as benign partial epilepsy in infancy.
Academic Article Severe developmental delay and complete agenesis of corpus callosum in a Noonan syndrome patient with SOS1 mutation.
Academic Article Contactin-associated protein-like (CNTNAP) 2 gene mutation in a patient with bilateral schizencephaly.
Academic Article Infantile spasms in Williams-Beuren syndrome with typical deletions of the 7q11.23 critical region and a review of the literature.
Academic Article An infant with ash-leaf and caf? au lait spots: a case of double phakomatosis.
Academic Article Epileptic spasm and de novo KCNB1 mutation: if it is not one potassium channel, it is another!
Academic Article Asymmetric photic driving response: importance of reviewing the video.
Academic Article Neuroimaging Findings in a Child With SensorineuralHearing Loss.
Academic Article PEHO syndrome: KIF1A mutation and decreased activity of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex.
Academic Article Levetiracetam is Still Not a First-line Treatment in Neonatal Seizures.
Academic Article Ketamine in Refractory Neonatal Seizures.
Academic Article Epilepsy and Electroencephalographic Abnormalities in SATB2-Associated Syndrome.
Academic Article Epilepsy in Angelman syndrome: A scoping review.
Academic Article Improving Management of Infantile Spasms by Adopting Implementation Science.
Academic Article Intravenous Immunoglobulin in the Treatment of Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood.
Academic Article Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neonatal Seizures.
Academic Article A Review of the Multi-Systemic Complications of a Ketogenic Diet in Children and Infants with Epilepsy.
Academic Article Association of Time to Clinical Remission With Sustained Resolution in Children With New-Onset Infantile Spasms.
Academic Article Epilepsy is an important feature of KBG syndrome associated with poorer developmental outcome.

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