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Concept Sequence Analysis, Protein
Concept Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Concept Sequence Analysis, DNA
Concept Sequence Analysis
Concept Sequence Analysis, RNA
Academic Article Promoting synergistic research and education in genomics and bioinformatics.
Academic Article A comparative study of different machine learning methods on microarray gene expression data.
Academic Article Improving prediction accuracy of tumor classification by reusing genes discarded during gene selection.
Academic Article Dimension reduction with redundant gene elimination for tumor classification.
Academic Article Comparative analyses of bidirectional promoters in vertebrates.
Academic Article Identification of Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins using hierarchical classifier.
Academic Article Genomics, molecular imaging, bioinformatics, and bio-nano-info integration are synergistic components of translational medicine and personalized healthcare research.
Academic Article ILOOP--a web application for two-channel microarray interwoven loop design.
Academic Article Selecting subsets of newly extracted features from PCA and PLS in microarray data analysis.
Academic Article Predicting protein disorder by analyzing amino acid sequence.
Academic Article MISC: missing imputation for single-cell RNA sequencing data.
Academic Article The genome sequence of taurine cattle: a window to ruminant biology and evolution.
Academic Article Cross-species mapping of bidirectional promoters enables prediction of unannotated 5' UTRs and identification of species-specific transcripts.
Academic Article Irrelevant gene elimination for partial least squares based dimension reduction by using feature probes.
Academic Article Gene Regulation Analysis Reveals Perturbations of Autism Spectrum Disorder during Neural System Development.
Academic Article Prediction of DNA-binding residues from protein sequence information using random forests.
Academic Article Comparison of feature selection and classification for MALDI-MS data.
Academic Article Lecture notes: 2010 and beyond, the decade of high-performance computing for the next-generation sequence analysis.
Academic Article Comprehensive annotation of bidirectional promoters identifies co-regulation among breast and ovarian cancer genes.

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