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research overview Dr. Robeson currently focuses on the human microbiome and its relationship to nutrition and cancer therapeutics, while also contributing to the development of bioinformatics tools to aid in these studies. Dr. Robeson’s research interests center on the human cancer microbiome, which is an important and booming area of research and is in line with the current UAMS plan for NCI designation, as it has become increasingly clear that the efficacy of anticancer treatments is not only affected by host genetic and immunological factors but are also substantially mediated by the host microbiome. Microbial community dynamics, disease resistance, human health, and agricultural productivity are all highly affected, or dependent upon, microbes. Dr. Robeson’s research integrates bioinformatics, microbial ecology, and integrative multi-omics technologies, to study host-microbe interactions. Particularly those that affect human health and agricultural productivity.

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