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overview My laboratory focuses on histone epigenetic mechanisms that regulate gene transcription and that are coupled to melanoma progression. We utilize a suite of techniques in our studies including proteomics of human biopsies, immunohistochemistry, cell culture, tumorigenicity assays, ChIPseq, biochemical and proteomic approaches for analyses of protein complexes, and cutting-edge mass spectrometry for the analysis of histone post-translational modifications. We have a unique environment that provides for discovery-based studies like proteomics as well as hypothesis-driven studies like those we perform in cell culture and with skin biopsies. In addition to our melanoma work, we develop new technologies for epigenetic studies such as tools for detection of in vivo protein interactions and quantitative assays for histone modifying proteins.

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Academic Article Long-distance combinatorial linkage between methylation and acetylation on histone H3 N termini.
Academic Article ChAP-MS: a method for identification of proteins and histone posttranslational modifications at a single genomic locus.
Academic Article Purification of a specific native genomic locus for proteomic analysis.
Concept Peptide Chain Elongation, Translational
Concept Protein Processing, Post-Translational
Concept Computational Biology
Academic Article A CRISPR-based approach for proteomic analysis of a single genomic locus.
Academic Article A PWWP domain-containing protein targets the NuA3 acetyltransferase complex via histone H3 lysine 36 trimethylation to coordinate transcriptional elongation at coding regions.
Academic Article Purification of specific chromatin loci for proteomic analysis.
Academic Article Methylation of histone H3K23 blocks DNA damage in pericentric heterochromatin during meiosis.
Academic Article The bromodomain of Gcn5 regulates site specificity of lysine acetylation on histone H3.
Academic Article Quantitative Histone Mass Spectrometry Identifies Elevated Histone H3 Lysine 27 (Lys27) Trimethylation in Melanoma.
Academic Article Sc65-Null Mice Provide Evidence for a Novel Endoplasmic Reticulum Complex Regulating Collagen Lysyl Hydroxylation.
Academic Article DNA-PKcs controls calcineurin mediated IL-2 production in T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Proteomic identification of histone post-translational modifications and proteins enriched at a DNA double-strand break.
Grant Sirt3: A Key Player Against PCB-Induced Mitochondrial Injury
Grant Melanocortin-4 Receptor Traffic and Signaling
Grant Center for Translational Pediatric Research
Grant Early Events in Alzheimer Pathogenesis
Grant Defining the role of post-translational regulation by extracellular proteases in the pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis
Grant Development of technology for high resolution epigenetic profiling of chromatin
Grant Role of the Leprecan Genes in Skeletal Formation
Grant Biochemistry of recombination in meiosis
Academic Article Histone Modifications as Biomarkers for Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Utility of histone H3K27me3 and H4K20me as diagnostic indicators of melanoma.
Academic Article ProteoViz: a tool for the analysis and interactive visualization of phosphoproteomics data.

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