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Concept Science
Concept Metagenome
Concept Nutritional Sciences
Grant Removing barriers to better data practices through capacity, opportunity, and motivation
Grant The Mathematical Sciences in Obesity Research
Academic Article Errors in the implementation, analysis, and reporting of randomization within obesity and nutrition research: a guide to their avoidance.
Academic Article Persistent confusion in nutrition and obesity research about the validity of classic nonparametric tests in the presence of heteroscedasticity: evidence of the problem and valid alternatives.
Academic Article Science dialogue mapping of knowledge and knowledge gaps related to the effects of dairy intake on human cardiovascular health and disease.
Academic Article Improving open and rigorous science: ten key future research opportunities related to rigor, reproducibility, and transparency in scientific research.
Academic Article Toward fulfilling the aspirational goal of science as self-correcting: A call for editorial courage and diligence for error correction.
Academic Article Issues with data and analyses: Errors, underlying themes, and potential solutions.
Academic Article The importance of prediction model validation and assessment in obesity and nutrition research.
Academic Article Goals in Nutrition Science 2015-2020.
Academic Article Best (but oft-forgotten) practices: designing, analyzing, and reporting cluster randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Unscientific beliefs about scientific topics in nutrition.
Academic Article Does host cholesterol metabolism impact the gut microbiota and why does it matter?
Academic Article Diet-induced alterations of host cholesterol metabolism are likely to affect the gut microbiota composition in hamsters.
Grant Beyond textbook, yet simple, statistical tools for reproducible animal research
Academic Article Valuing the Diversity of Research Methods to Advance Nutrition Science.

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