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Testing an Adaptive Implementation Strategy to Optimize Delivery of Obesity Prevention Practices in Early Care and Education SettingsGrant Why?
Curran, GeoffreyPerson Why?
Swindle, TarenPerson Why?
Developing and Testing Implementation Strategies for Evidence-Based Obesity Prevention in ChildcareGrant Why?
A Novel Apoptosis Prevention Strategy by Coxiella burnetii AnkGAcademic Article Why?
A decision-tree strategy for combining diagnostic tests for predictionAcademic Article Why?
A diastereoselective oxa-Pictet-Spengler-based strategy for (+)-frenolicin B and epi-(+)-frenolicin B synthesis.Academic Article Why?
A simple strategy for glycosyltransferase-catalyzed aminosugar nucleotide synthesis.Academic Article Why?
A strategy to determine if endothelial specific cadherin-5 is necessary for endothelial barrier formationAcademic Article Why?
Analyzing free-text survey responses: An accessible strategy for developing patient-centered programs and program evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Berlin Excor Cannulation of Left Atrial Appendage in Left Ventricular Restrictive Physiology: A Novel Bailout Strategy.Academic Article Why?
Best of breed strategies--hospital characteristics associated with organizational HIT strategy.Academic Article Why?
Caloric restriction prevents age-associated impairments in learning of a maze strategy by autoimmune miceAcademic Article Why?
Developing a health surveillance strategy for professional footballers in compliance with UK health and safety legislation.Academic Article Why?
Developing an outcomes management strategy for the treatment of depressionAcademic Article Why?
Diet and Chronic Urticaria: Dietary Modification as a Treatment Strategy.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing the feasibility of outpatient daratumumab administration via a split-dosing strategy with initial doses.Academic Article Why?
Environmental factors and health information technology management strategy.Academic Article Why?
Epigenetic Regulation of Fanconi Anemia Genes Implicates PRMT5 Blockage as a Strategy for Tumor Chemosensitization.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation as a Rescue Strategy in Respiratory Failure.Academic Article Why?
From Strategic Planning to Strategy ImpactAcademic Article Why?
Histone deacetylase inhibition as an alternative strategy against invasive aspergillosis.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Tourniquet Strategy on Perioperative Results of Modern TKA.Academic Article Why?
Implementation strategy to increase clinicians' use of the caring letters suicide prevention intervention.Academic Article Why?
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