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Choice of measurement approach for area-level social determinants of health and risk prediction model performance.Academic Article Why?
Assessing the Documentation of Social Determinants of Health for Lung Cancer Patients in Clinical Narratives.Academic Article Why?
Editorial: Measuring and Analysing Social Determinants of Health in the Era of Big Data.Academic Article Why?
Reimagining Cost-Effectiveness Analyses: A Role for Social Determinants of Health?Academic Article Why?
Extracting social determinants of health from electronic health records using natural language processing: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Use of Service Learning to Increase Master's-Level Nursing Students' Understanding of Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities.Academic Article Why?
International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification social determinants of health codes are poorly used in electronic health records.Academic Article Why?
Using structured and unstructured data to identify patients' need for services that address the social determinants of health.Academic Article Why?
Ventres, WilliamPerson Why?
Social determinants of health related to stay-at-home order adherence and social distancing attitudes among a diverse Deep South population.Academic Article Why?
PEARLS+: Connecting Societal Forces, Social Determinants, and Health Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Part I: A Quantitative Study of Social Risk Screening Acceptability in Patients and Caregivers.Academic Article Why?
Racial disparities in the COVID-19 response affecting the Marshall Islands diaspora, United States of America.Academic Article Why?
Park, Yong-MoonPerson Why?
Basic social resource needs screening in the gynecologic oncology clinic: a quality improvement initiative.Academic Article Why?
Labor market and health trajectories during periods of economic recession and expansion in the United States, 1988?2011.Academic Article Why?
Indianapolis Provider's Use Of Wraparound Services Associated With Reduced Hospitalizations And Emergency Department Visits.Academic Article Why?
Addressing social contexts and determinants of health in Marshallese communities - Authors' reply.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Risk Stratification on Referrals and Uptake of Wraparound Services That Address Social Determinants: A Stepped Wedged Trial.Academic Article Why?
Area Deprivation Index Score is Associated with Lower Rates of Long Term Follow-up after Upper Extremity Vascular Injuries.Academic Article Why?
A novel sugar-sweetened beverage reduction intervention for Native American menGrant Why?
A Study of Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health in Lung Cancer Patients Using Transformers-based Natural Language Processing Models.Academic Article Why?
Eyes wide open: an essay on developing an engaged awareness in global medicine and public health.Academic Article Why?
Ethical Responsibility for the Social Production of Tuberculosis.Academic Article Why?
Jefferson, AkilahPerson Why?
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