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Secondary PreventionConcept Why?
Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials on Patent Foramen Ovale Closure Versus Medical Therapy for Secondary Prevention of Cryptogenic Stroke.Academic Article Why?
Transcatheter closure of patent foramen ovale for secondary prevention of ischemic stroke: Quantitative synthesis of pooled randomized trial data.Academic Article Why?
Multifaceted intervention to improve medication adherence and secondary prevention measures after acute coronary syndrome hospital discharge: a randomized clinical trial.Academic Article Why?
Secondary prevention of hip fractures among the hospitalized elderly: are we doing enough?Academic Article Why?
Secondary prevention of hip fractures in veterans: can we do better?Academic Article Why?
The underuse of therapy in the secondary prevention of hip fractures.Academic Article Why?
Safety and efficacy of device closure for patent foramen ovale for secondary prevention of neurological events: Comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.Academic Article Why?
Association Between ß-Blockers and Outcome of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: Before and After 1 Year.Academic Article Why?
Financial incentives of experience rating in workers' compensation: new evidence from a program change in Ontario, Canada.Academic Article Why?
Long-term outcomes of patent foramen ovale closure or medical therapy after cryptogenic stroke: A meta-analysis of randomized trials.Academic Article Why?
Mcbain, SachaPerson Why?
Outcomes of patients with invasive fusariosis who undergo further immunosuppressive treatments, is there a role for secondary prophylaxis?Academic Article Why?
Outcomes of Pediatric Patients With Defibrillators Following Initial Presentation With Sudden Cardiac Arrest.Academic Article Why?
Gemfibrozil for the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in men with low levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Veterans Affairs High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Intervention Trial Study Group.Academic Article Why?
A family and community focused lifestyle program prevents weight regain in Pacific Islanders: a pilot randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
Improving patient education with an eczema action plan: a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of cannabis and tobacco withdrawal: severity and contribution to relapse.Academic Article Why?
Device closure of patent foramen ovale versus medical therapy in cryptogenic stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of colchicine for the prevention of recurrent pericarditis and post-pericardiotomy syndrome: an updated meta-analysis of randomized clinical data.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of buspirone for relapse-prevention in adults with cocaine dependence: an efficacy trial conducted in the real world.Academic Article Why?
Agarwal, Shiv KumarPerson Why?
Shi, VivianPerson Why?
Autologous Transplantation in Follicular Lymphoma with Early Therapy Failure: A National LymphoCare Study and Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Chronic mesenteric ischemia: Clinical practice guidelines from the Society for Vascular Surgery.Academic Article Why?
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