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Association between insulin resistance and periodontitis in Korean adults.Academic Article Why?
Association of Insulin Resistance With Depression Severity and Remission Status: Defining a Metabolic Endophenotype of Depression.Academic Article Why?
Blackberry Feeding Increases Fat Oxidation and Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Overweight and Obese Males.Academic Article Why?
Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 2 knockout potentiates palmitate-induced insulin resistance in C2C12 myotubes.Academic Article Why?
Cordyceps inhibits ceramide biosynthesis and improves insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis.Academic Article Why?
Effect of excess weight and insulin resistance on DNA methylation in prepubertal children.Academic Article Why?
Hepatic Fat in Early Childhood Is Independently Associated With Estimated Insulin Resistance: The Healthy Start Study.Academic Article Why?
Higher Insulin Resistance and Adiposity in Postmenopausal Women With Breast Cancer Treated With Aromatase Inhibitors.Academic Article Why?
Incident Major Depressive Disorder Predicted by Three Measures of Insulin Resistance: A Dutch Cohort Study.Academic Article Why?
Insulin resistance is associated with intraocular pressure elevation in a non-obese Korean population.Academic Article Why?
Intrinsic High Aerobic Capacity in Male Rats Protects Against Diet-Induced Insulin Resistance.Academic Article Why?
Metabolomic profiles are reflective of hypoxia-induced insulin resistance during exercise in healthy young adult males.Academic Article Why?
Obesity Mediates the Association between Mediterranean Diet Consumption and Insulin Resistance and Inflammation in US Adults.Academic Article Why?
Obesity Status Affects the Relationship Between Protein Intake and Insulin Sensitivity in Late Pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Severe Periodontitis Is Associated with Insulin Resistance in Non-abdominal Obese Adults.Academic Article Why?
The Effect of Burn Trauma on Lipid and Glucose Metabolism: Implications for Insulin Sensitivity.Academic Article Why?
Borsheim, ElisabetPerson Why?
Effect of diet on insulin sensitivity and energy balanceGrant Why?
Acylcarnitines: potential implications for skeletal muscle insulin resistance.Academic Article Why?
Evidence of impaired adipogenesis in insulin resistance.Academic Article Why?
Insulin resistance of muscle protein metabolism in aging.Academic Article Why?
Postburn trauma insulin resistance and fat metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Park, Yong-MoonPerson Why?
Aromatase Inhibition Reduces Insulin Sensitivity in Healthy Men.Academic Article Why?
Insulin resistance: an additional risk factor in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
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