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Assessing medical students' competence in obtaining informed consent.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing informed consent for research and treatment.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of the content and process of informed consent discussions for neonatal research.Academic Article Why?
Improving informed consent and enhancing recruitment for research by understanding economic behavior.Academic Article Why?
Dunn, LauraPerson Why?
Minimal-risk waiver of informed consent and exception from informed consent (Final Rule) studies at institutional review boards nationwide.Academic Article Why?
Multicomponent Informed Consent with Marshallese Participants.Academic Article Why?
"Informed Consent in Medical Onocology"Academic Article Why?
Ethics Forum: Informed Consent in Medical OncologyAcademic Article Why?
Institutional improvements in readability of written informed consent forms sustained post-revised Common Rule.Academic Article Why?
Neonatal research and the validity of informed consent obtained in the perinatal periodAcademic Article Why?
The informed consent form navigator: a tool for producing readable and compliant consent documents.Academic Article Why?
Informed ConsentConcept Why?
Informed Consent By MinorsConcept Why?
A collaborative model for research on decisional capacity and informed consent in older patients with schizophrenia: bioethics unit of a geriatric psychiatry intervention research center.Academic Article Why?
Effects of presentation method on the understanding of informed consent.Academic Article Why?
Informed consent for a neonatal clinical trial: parental experiences and perspectives.Academic Article Why?
Problem areas in the understanding of informed consent for research: study of middle-aged and older patients with psychotic disorders.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatric residents' needs for education about informed consent, principles of ethics and professionalism, and caring for vulnerable populations: results of a multisite survey.Academic Article Why?
Informed consent: a process to facilitate older adults' participation in research.Academic Article Why?
Patient advocacy: witnessing informed consent for research in acute care.Academic Article Why?
Informed Consent to Research with Cognitively Impaired Adults: Transdisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities.Academic Article Why?
"A feeling that you're helping": proxy decision making for Alzheimer's research.Academic Article Why?
A new brief instrument for assessing decisional capacity for clinical research.Academic Article Why?
Assessing decisional capacity for clinical research or treatment: a review of instruments.Academic Article Why?
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