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Ventres, WilliamPerson Why?
How do EHRs affect the physician-patient relationship?Academic Article Why?
Physician-Patient RelationsConcept Why?
A comment on a comment.Academic Article Why?
A Reflective Case Study in Family Medicine Advance Care Planning Conversations.Academic Article Why?
Abdominal imaging and patient education resources: enhancing the radiologist-patient relationship through improved communication.Academic Article Why?
Change of shift. Conveyance of grief.Academic Article Why?
Chronic Disease Management & Long-Term Relationship.Academic Article Why?
Does physician weight affect perception of health advice?Academic Article Why?
Enhancing the Radiologist-Patient Relationship through Improved Communication: A Quantitative Readability Analysis in Spine Radiology.Academic Article Why?
Ethnic differences in parents' perception of participatory decision-making style of their children's physicians.Academic Article Why?
Family Medicine Ethics: An Integrative Approach.Academic Article Why?
Managing dermatology patients who prefer "all natural" treatments.Academic Article Why?
Physician, Shield Thyself!Academic Article Why?
Physicians, patients, and medical dialogue in the NYPD Blue prostate cancer story.Academic Article Why?
Shared presence in physician-patient communication: A graphic representation.Academic Article Why?
Social Media and Pediatric Scoliosis: An Analysis of Patient and Surgeon Use.Academic Article Why?
Telephoned, Texted, or Typed Out: A Randomized Trial of Physician-Patient Communication After Emergency Department Discharge.Academic Article Why?
The place of community in medical encounters.Academic Article Why?
Vulnerability as the Human Condition.Academic Article Why?
Hester, DPerson Why?
ABCDE in Clinical Encounters: Presentations of Self in Doctor-Patient Communication.Academic Article Why?
Compassionate medical care efficiency: are they compatible.Academic Article Why?
Doctor-patient communication about resuscitation: 'have you signed an advance directive?'.Academic Article Why?
End-of-life decision making.Academic Article Why?
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