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Advance directives, control, and quality of life for persons with disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes toward advance directives and prognosis in patients with heart failure: a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Communication About Advance Directives and End-of-Life Care Options Among Internal Medicine Residents.Academic Article Why?
Communication through advance directives.Academic Article Why?
Correlates of advance directive treatment preferences among community-dwelling older people with chronic diseases.Academic Article Why?
The Korean-Advance Directive Model and Factors Associated With Its Completion Among Patients With Hematologic Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Finishing the Texas Advance Directives Law.Academic Article Why?
Perspectives of psychiatric investigators and IRB chairs regarding benefits of psychiatric genetics research.Academic Article Why?
Advance Directives and Factors Associated with the Completion in Patients with Heart Failure.Academic Article Why?
Advance directives in Arkansas.Academic Article Why?
Physicians' attitudes on advance directives.Academic Article Why?
Advance Directive AdherenceConcept Why?
Advance DirectivesConcept Why?
Advance directives from haematology departments: the patient's freedom of choice and communication with families. A qualitative analysis of 35 written documents.Academic Article Why?
Associations of Advance Directive Knowledge, Attitudes, and Barriers/Benefits With Preferences for Advance Treatment Directives Among Patients With Heart Failure and Their Caregivers.Academic Article Why?
Relationship Between Preferences for Advance Directive Treatments and Decisional Conflicts Among Low-Income, Home-Based Cancer Management Recipients in Korea.Academic Article Why?
Wilson, MichaelPerson Why?
Boarding of Mentally Ill Patients in Emergency Departments: American Psychiatric Association Resource Document.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatric Emergencies for Clinicians: Emergency Department Management of Acute Drug-Induced Akathisia.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatric Emergencies for Clinicians: Emergency Department Management of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal.Academic Article Why?
Feigned psychiatric symptoms in the emergency room.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatric Emergencies for Clinicians: Emergency Department Management of Cocaine-Related Presentations.Academic Article Why?
Doctor-patient communication about resuscitation: 'have you signed an advance directive?'.Academic Article Why?
Advance directives pamphlet. University Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatric Emergencies for Physicians: Clinical Management and Approach to Distinguishing Pheochromocytoma From Psychiatric and Thyrotoxic Diseases in the Emergency Department.Academic Article Why?
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