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Identifying Value-Added Population Health Capabilities to Strengthen Public Health Infrastructure.Academic Article Why?
Factors supporting substance use improvement for Black Americans: A population health observational study.Academic Article Why?
Operationalizing Population Health Management in Practice.Academic Article Why?
Bipolar Disorder and Population Health.Academic Article Why?
Mobilising cross-sector collaborations to improve population health in US rural communities: a qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
Association Between Insurer Connectivity in Appalachian Population Health Networks and Preventable Hospitalizations: Evidence from Kentucky.Academic Article Why?
Geographic Variation in the Structure of Kentucky's Population Health Systems: An Urban, Rural, and Appalachian Comparison.Academic Article Why?
The Use of Telemedicine and Mobile Technology to Promote Population Health and Population Management for Psychiatric Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Big Data and Population Health: Focusing on the Health Impacts of the Social, Physical, and Economic Environment.Academic Article Why?
Association of Visual Impairment With Risk of Incident Dementia in a Women's Health Initiative Population.Academic Article Why?
Teaching population health to medical students through the community health assessment.Academic Article Why?
Training the Next Generation of Researchers Dedicated to Improving Health Outcomes for Justice-Involved Populations.Academic Article Why?
Access to routinely collected data for population health research: experiences in Canada and Australia.Academic Article Why?
Advocating for a Population-Specific Health Literacy for People With Visual Impairments.Academic Article Why?
Antiracism and mental health recovery: Bridging the gap to improve health disparities among veteran populations.Academic Article Why?
Mapping Heat Vulnerability of a Community Mental Health Center Population.Academic Article Why?
Hadden, KristiePerson Why?
Preventable Death Rates Fell Where Communities Expanded Population Health Activities Through Multisector Networks.Academic Article Why?
E-Cigarette Use and Regular Cigarette Smoking Among Youth: Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study (2013-2016).Academic Article Why?
The health services burden of heart failure: an analysis using linked population health data-sets.Academic Article Why?
Health and health care disparities: the effect of social and environmental factors on individual and population health.Academic Article Why?
Quality of sick child care delivered by Health Surveillance Assistants in Malawi.Academic Article Why?
Validity of self-reported health plan information in a population-based health survey.Academic Article Why?
Zaller, NickolasPerson Why?
Schootman, MarioPerson Why?
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