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Hayes, CoreyPerson Why?
Association of the "CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain" With Emergency Department Opioid Prescribing.Academic Article Why?
Doctor hopping and doctor shopping for prescription opioids associated with increased odds of high-risk use.Academic Article Why?
Immune modulation mediated by extracellular vesicles of intestinal organoids is disrupted by opioids.Academic Article Why?
Opioids Impair Intestinal Epithelial Repair in HIV-Infected Humanized Mice.Academic Article Why?
Hudson, TeresaPerson Why?
Zaller, NickolasPerson Why?
Painter, JacobPerson Why?
Analgesics, OpioidConcept Why?
Opioids induce renal abnormalities in tumor-bearing mice.Academic Article Why?
Ali, MirPerson Why?
A Sickle-Cell Patient Displaced by the Pandemic: Is a Request for Opioids Legitimate, or Sign of a Deeper Problems?Academic Article Why?
Comparing the feasibility of four web-based recruitment strategies to evaluate the treatment preferences of rural and urban adults who misuse non-prescribed opioids.Academic Article Why?
The utility of a statewide prescription drug-monitoring database vs the Current Opioid Misuse Measure for identifying drug-aberrant behaviors in emergency department patients already on opioids.Academic Article Why?
Use and Abuse of Prescription Opioids Among OEF/OIF VeteransGrant Why?
Strain Differences in Response to OpioidsGrant Why?
Continuous epidural opioids in pediatric patients following thoracotomyAcademic Article Why?
Continuous epidural opioids in pedatric patients following thoracotomyAcademic Article Why?
Opioids and postoperative respiratory depression.Academic Article Why?
Opioids for Noncancer PainAcademic Article Why?
Opioids for Noncancer PainAcademic Article Why?
Opioids for the Management of non-cancer PainAcademic Article Why?
Oliveto, AlisonPerson Why?
Pro, GeorgePerson Why?
Risk factors for clinically recognized opioid abuse and dependence among veterans using opioids for chronic non-cancer pain.Academic Article Why?
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