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Paydak, HakanPerson Why?
Amelioration of postischemic reperfusion injury by antiarrhythmic drugs in isolated perfused rat lungAcademic Article Why?
Impairment of raw 264.7 macrophage function by antiarrhythmic drugsAcademic Article Why?
Anti-Arrhythmia AgentsConcept Why?
Antiarrhythmic drug therapy vs catheter ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.Academic Article Why?
Current pharmacotherapeutic strategies for cardiac arrhythmias in heart failure.Academic Article Why?
Factors associated with the occurrence and treatment of supraventricular tachycardia in a pediatric congenital heart disease cohort.Academic Article Why?
Increased mortality among patients taking digoxin--analysis from the AFFIRM study.Academic Article Why?
MATE1 Deficiency Exacerbates Dofetilide-Induced Proarrhythmia.Academic Article Why?
Postnatal Outcomes of Fetal Supraventricular Tachycardia: a Multicenter Study.Academic Article Why?
Use and Outcomes Associated With Perioperative Amiodarone in Cardiac Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Amiodarone Induced Interstitial and Organizing Pneumonia Reversed with Steroids.Academic Article Why?
Amiodarone induced liver cirrhosis. Report of two cases.Academic Article Why?
Amiodarone pulmonary toxicity after lung transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Amiodarone toxicity and surveillance.Academic Article Why?
Amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis: a case for surgical management.Academic Article Why?
Amiodarone-related hyponatremia: rare but potentially lethal.Academic Article Why?
Atrial fibrillation: rate versus rhythm control.Academic Article Why?
Efficacy and safety of dronedarone in the treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation.Academic Article Why?
Hepatic cirrhosis caused by low-dose oral amiodarone therapy.Academic Article Why?
Lidocaine-induced cardiac asystole.Academic Article Why?
Novel pharmacological therapies for atrial fibrillation.Academic Article Why?
Optimal blood pressure in patients with atrial fibrillation (from the AFFIRM Trial).Academic Article Why?
The role of amiodarone in the management of patients with cardiac arrest.Academic Article Why?
Treatment of methadone-induced torsades de pointes with lidocaine.Academic Article Why?
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