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Implementation science: What is it and why should I care?Academic Article Why?
Implementation Science and Nutrition Education and Behavior: Opportunities for Integration.Academic Article Why?
Implementation Science to Improve Quality of Neurological Care.Academic Article Why?
Improving Management of Infantile Spasms by Adopting Implementation Science.Academic Article Why?
Scoping implementation science for the beginner: locating yourself on the "subway line" of translational research.Academic Article Why?
The role of implementation science in improving epilepsy surgery utilization.Academic Article Why?
Letter to the editor of implementation science in response to "Implementation Science in maternity care, A scoping Review" by Dadich, Piper, and Coates (2021).Academic Article Why?
Leveraging Implementation Science to Increase Access to Trauma Treatment for Incarcerated Drug UsersGrant Why?
Leveraging Implementation Science to Increase Access to Trauma Treatment for Incarcerated Drug UsersGrant Why?
Reducing Infant Mortality Using Telemedicine and Implementation Science.Academic Article Why?
Advancing pharmacy practice through implementation science.Academic Article Why?
Implementation science made too simple: a teaching tool.Academic Article Why?
Making change happen in criminal justice settings: leveraging implementation science to improve mental health care.Academic Article Why?
COM PSY HSR Implementation ScienceDivision Why?
COP Implementation ScienceDivision Why?
Implementation ScienceDivision Why?
Implementation Science, College of PharmacyDepartment Why?
Implementation Science to Advance Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists and Other Health Professionals.Academic Article Why?
Curran, GeoffreyPerson Why?
Swindle, TarenPerson Why?
Identifying opportunities to develop the science of implementation for community-based non-communicable disease prevention: A review of implementation trials.Academic Article Why?
Kirchner, JoannPerson Why?
Selig, JamesPerson Why?
Choosing implementation strategies to address contextual barriers: diversity in recommendations and future directions.Academic Article Why?
A methodology for enhancing implementation science proposals: comparison of face-to-face versus virtual workshops.Academic Article Why?
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