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William Gentry

TitleDepartment Chairperson
InstitutionUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
DepartmentAnesthesiology, College of Medicine
AddressB112 Biomedical Research I
324 UAMS Campus Dr.
Mail Slot # 515
Little Rock AR 72205
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    InstitutionUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
    DepartmentPharmacology and Toxicology, College of Medicine

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    1. Laurenzana EM, Stevens MW, Frank JC, Hambuchen MD, Hendrickson HP, White SJ, Williams DK, Owens SM, Gentry WB. Pharmacological effects of two anti-methamphetamine monoclonal antibodies. Supporting data for lead candidate selection for clinical development. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2014; 10(9):2638-47. PMID: 25483484; PMCID: PMC4852362.
    2. White SJ, Hendrickson HP, Atchley WT, Laurenzana EM, Gentry WB, Williams DK, Owens SM. Treatment with a monoclonal antibody against methamphetamine and amphetamine reduces maternal and fetal rat brain concentrations in late pregnancy. Drug Metab Dispos. 2014 Aug; 42(8):1285-91. PMID: 24839971; PMCID: PMC4109208.
    3. Stevens MW, Henry RL, Owens SM, Schutz R, Gentry WB. First human study of a chimeric anti-methamphetamine monoclonal antibody in healthy volunteers. MAbs. 2014; 6(6):1649-56. PMID: 25484042; PMCID: PMC4623385.
    4. Peterson EC, Gentry WB, Owens SM. Customizing monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of methamphetamine abuse: current and future applications. Adv Pharmacol. 2014; 69:107-27. PMID: 24484976; PMCID: PMC4491432.
    5. Stevens MW, Tawney RL, West CM, Kight AD, Henry RL, Owens SM, Gentry WB. Preclinical characterization of an anti-methamphetamine monoclonal antibody for human use. MAbs. 2014 Mar-Apr; 6(2):547-55. PMID: 24492290; PMCID: PMC3984342.
    6. Sanders NC, Mancino MJ, Gentry WB, Guise JB, Bickel WK, Thostenson J, Oliveto AH. Randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial of gabapentin during an outpatient, buprenorphine-assisted detoxification procedure. Exp Clin Psychopharmacol. 2013 Aug; 21(4):294-302. PMID: 23855333; PMCID: PMC3972066.
    7. Oliveto A, Mancino M, Sanders N, Cargile C, Guise JB, Bickel W, Gentry W Brooks. Effects of Prototypic Calcium Channel Blockers in Methadone-Maintained Humans Under a Naloxone Discrimination Procedure. Eur J Pharmacol. 2013.
    8. Walker BL, Vander Schilden JL, Gentry W Brooks. Intraarticular Analgesia Using a Meperidine-Local Anesthetic Combination in Arthroscopic Knee Procedures. Chirurgia Kolana, Atroskopia, Traumatologia Sportowa. 2013; 8(1):21-27.
    9. Dilley JD, Gentry WB, Golden KJ. Ketamine infusion as a treatment for major depressive disorder: a new role for anesthesiologists? Middle East J Anaesthesiol. 2012 Oct; 21(6):871-3. PMID: 23634571.
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    10. Owens SM, Atchley WT, Hambuchen MD, Peterson EC, Gentry WB. Monoclonal antibodies as pharmacokinetic antagonists for the treatment of (+)-methamphetamine addiction. CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets. 2011 Dec; 10(8):892-8. PMID: 22229314; PMCID: PMC3653579.
    11. Hubbard JJ, Laurenzana EM, Williams DK, Gentry WB, Owens SM. Chronic anti-phencyclidine monoclonal antibody therapy decreases phencyclidine-induced in utero fetal mortality in pregnant rats. Int Immunopharmacol. 2011 Dec; 11(12):2181-7. PMID: 22001428; PMCID: PMC3285273.
    12. White S, Laurenzana E, Hendrickson H, Gentry WB, Owens SM. Gestation time-dependent pharmacokinetics of intravenous (+)-methamphetamine in rats. Drug Metab Dispos. 2011 Sep; 39(9):1718-26. PMID: 21632964; PMCID: PMC3164273.
    13. White SJ, Laurenzana EM, Hendrickson HP, Gentry WB, Owens SM. Gestation time-dependent pharmacokinetics of intravenous (+)-methamphetamine and (+)-amphetamine in rats. Drug Metab Disp. 2011; 39:1718-26.
    14. Hubbard JJ, Laurenzana EM, Williams DK, Gentry WB, Owens SM. The Fate and Function of Therapeutic Anti-addiction Monoclonal Antibodies. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2011; 336:414-22.
    15. Hubbard JJ, Laurenzana EM, Williams DK, Gentry WB, Owens SM. The fate and function of therapeutic antiaddiction monoclonal antibodies across the reproductive cycle of rats. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2011 Feb; 336(2):414-22. PMID: 20962030; PMCID: PMC3033712.
    16. Gentry WB, Rüedi-Bettschen D, Owens SM. Anti-(+)-methamphetamine monoclonal antibody antagonists designed to prevent the progression of human diseases of addiction. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2010 Sep; 88(3):390-3. PMID: 20668443; PMCID: PMC3652404.
    17. Oliveto A, Gentry WB, Pruzinsky R, Gonsai K, Kosten TR, Martell B, Poling J. Behavioral effects of gamma-hydroxybutyrate in humans. Behav Pharmacol. 2010 Jul; 21(4):332-42. PMID: 20526195; PMCID: PMC2911496.
    18. Oliveto A, Gentry WB, Pruzinsky R, Gonsai K, Kosten TR, Martell B, Poling J. Behavioral Effects of Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in Humans. Behavioral Pharmacology. 2010; 21:332-342.
    19. Laurenzana EM, Hendrickson HP, Carpenter D, Peterson EC, Gentry WB, West M, Che Y, Carroll FI, Owens SM. Functional and biological determinants affecting the duration of action and efficacy of anti-(+)-methamphetamine monoclonal antibodies in rats. Vaccine. 2009 Nov 23; 27(50):7011-20. PMID: 19800446; PMCID: PMC2792920.
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    21. White SJ, Laurenzana EM, Gentry WB, Hendrickson HP, Williams DK, Ward KW, Owens SM. Vulnerability to (+)-methamphetamine effects and the relationship to drug disposition in pregnant rats during chronic infusion. Toxicol Sci. 2009 Sep; 111(1):27-36. PMID: 19520673; PMCID: PMC2726297.
    22. Gentry WB, Rüedi-Bettschen D, Owens SM. Development of active and passive human vaccines to treat methamphetamine addiction. Hum Vaccin. 2009 Apr; 5(4):206-13. PMID: 19276653; PMCID: PMC2741685.
    23. Dunning D, Martin MP, Tickel JL, Gentry WB, Cowen P, Slenning BD. Preparedness and disaster response training for veterinary students: literature review and description of the North Carolina State University Credentialed Veterinary Responder Program. J Vet Med Educ. 2009; 36(3):317-30. PMID: 19861720.
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    24. Gurley BJ, Swain A, Hubbard MA, Hartsfield F, Thaden J, Williams DK, Gentry WB, Tong Y. Supplementation with goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), but not kava kava (Piper methysticum), inhibits human CYP3A activity in vivo. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2008 Jan; 83(1):61-9. PMID: 17495878.
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    25. Kumar P, Gentry WB. Ultrasound Guidance in Regional Anesthesia. J Anaesth Clin Pharmacol. 2007; 23(2):121-128.
    26. Meta G, Ghaleb A, Gentry WB, Firnhaber J. Intrathecal therapy-associated masses. Anesth Analg. 2006 Jul; 103(1):260-1. PMID: 16790677.
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    27. Pitas G, Laurenzana EM, Williams DK, Owens SM, Gentry WB. Anti-phencyclidine monoclonal antibody binding capacity is not the only determinant of effectiveness, disproving the concept that antibody capacity is easily surmounted. Drug Metab Dispos. 2006 Jun; 34(6):906-12. PMID: 16507651.
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    28. Gentry WB, Laurenzana EM, Williams DK, West JR, Berg RJ, Terlea T, Owens SM. Safety and efficiency of an anti-(+)-methamphetamine monoclonal antibody in the protection against cardiovascular and central nervous system effects of (+)-methamphetamine in rats. Int Immunopharmacol. 2006 Jun; 6(6):968-77. PMID: 16644483.
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    29. Gurley B, Hubbard MA, Williams DK, Thaden J, Tong Y, Gentry WB, Breen P, Carrier DJ, Cheboyina S. Assessing the clinical significance of botanical supplementation on human cytochrome P450 3A activity: comparison of a milk thistle and black cohosh product to rifampin and clarithromycin. J Clin Pharmacol. 2006 Feb; 46(2):201-13. PMID: 16432272; PMCID: PMC1865122.
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    31. Pitas G, Laurenzana EM, Williams DK, Owens SM, Gentry WB. Anti-PCP Monoclonal Antibody Binding Capacity is not the Only Determinant of Effectiveness, Disproving the Concept that Antibody Capacity is easily Surmounted. Drug Metab Dispos. 2006; 34:906-912.
    32. Gurley B, Hubbard MA, Williams DK, Thaden J, Tong Y, Gentry WB, Breen P, Carrier DJ, Cheboyina S. Assessing the Clinical Significance of Botanical Supplementation on Human Cytochrome P450 3A4 Activity: Comparison of Milk Thistle and Black Cohosh to rifampin and Clarithromycin. J Clin Pharmacol. 2006; 46:201-213.
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    34. Byrnes-Blake KA, Laurenzana EM, Landes RD, Gentry WB, Owens SM. Monoclonal IgG affinity and treatment time alters antagonism of (+)-methamphetamine effects in rats. Eur J Pharmacol. 2005 Oct 03; 521(1-3):86-94. PMID: 16182279.
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    35. Gurley BJ, Gardner SF, Hubbard MA, Williams DK, Gentry WB, Khan IA, Shah A. In vivo effects of goldenseal, kava kava, black cohosh, and valerian on human cytochrome P450 1A2, 2D6, 2E1, and 3A4/5 phenotypes. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2005 May; 77(5):415-26. PMID: 15900287; PMCID: PMC1894911.
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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