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Use of bone morphogenetic protein-2 for adult spinal deformity.Academic Article Why?
Multilevel anterior cervical fusion with Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2Academic Article Why?
In vivo assessment of a multicomponent and nanostructural polymeric matrix as a delivery system for antimicrobials and bone morphogenetic protein-2 in a unicortical tibial defect in goats.Academic Article Why?
Nanoplex-Mediated Codelivery of Fibroblast Growth Factor and Bone Morphogenetic Protein Genes Promotes Osteogenesis in Human Adipocyte-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells.Academic Article Why?
Does bone morphogenetic protein increase the incidence of perioperative complications in spinal fusion? A comparison of 55,862 cases of spinal fusion with and without bone morphogenetic protein.Academic Article Why?
A cost analysis of bone morphogenetic protein versus autogenous iliac crest bone graft in single-level anterior lumbar fusion.Academic Article Why?
Instrumented one and two level posterolateral fusions with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 and allograft: a computed tomography study.Academic Article Why?
Bone morphogenetic protein use in spine surgery in the United States: how have we responded to the warnings?Academic Article Why?
Bone morphogenetic proteins in total hip arthroplasty, osteonecrosis and trauma surgery.Academic Article Why?
Ex vivo adenoviral transfer of bone morphogenetic protein 12 (BMP-12) cDNA improves Achilles tendon healing in a rat model.Academic Article Why?
Functional differentiation of uterine stromal cells involves cross-regulation between bone morphogenetic protein 2 and Kruppel-like factor (KLF) family members KLF9 and KLF13.Academic Article Why?
Genetic variation in bone morphogenetic protein and colon and rectal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of bone morphogenetic proteins and activins in the skin: potential benefits for wound healing.Academic Article Why?
Sustained and promoter dependent bone morphogenetic protein expression by rat mesenchymal stem cells after BMP-2 transgene electrotransfer.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation contributes to the regulation of sclerostin expression in human osteocytes.Academic Article Why?
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